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With the Advent of You-Tube and the simple integration of video into web sites like this it is now easier than ever to present the wealth of experience we have gathered over the last 30 years to anyone who would wish to avail of our experience.

We are taking a new approach to business. One that is as radical as it is innovating. It is called "The Abundance Paradigm".

The "Abundance Paradigm" is so innovative and revolutionary that most people fear it at first. They fear it the same way that thinking the world was round was feared because you might fall off the bottom half. The same way that computers were feared by accountants as they felt these new fangled machines might put them out of a job. The same way the auto-mobile was feared by those who made saddles for horses. The same way that pony express riders feared the telegraph because it might put them out of a job.

But when we see the world of instant email globally, international travel at 40,000 feet in comfort, motor cars that are clearly much safer and cleaner than horses. We see that there is not a lot to fear from radical innovation and there is much to be gained if handled properly.

The business world today is based on the presumption of the business model called "Artificial Scarcity". That is that products are made artificially scarce, made to contain planed redundancy or obsolescence, planned failure rates, all so as to ensure continued demand for the product to keep the profits coming in. The whole concept of "The Abundance Paradigm" turns "Artificial Scarcity" on its head. We think that is a good thing!

So please feel free to view our presentation on our proposed new way of doing business. Please feel free to click through the to video pages that you might like to enjoy.

The Video Channels that are currently available are as follows:

  1. Business Managers Channel
  2. Summary Page for Technical Channels
  3. The IBI News Channel
  4. The IBI Education Channel

The presentation below is the presentation about "The Abundance Paradigm". Because Instant Business Intelligence is my company and the software is primarily invented and written my myself, I take the position that I can run Instant Business Intelligence as I best see fit.

If you want to know how we are approaching this "brave new world" of selling in the "Abundance Paradigm" and promoting the idea that endlessly reducing the cost of BI is something that is good for everyone, just like reducing the cost of all computing has seen vast transformations in peoples lives, then feel free to listen to our thoughts on this video.